What I did Earlier

I always wanted to Art School.

Were you good  at school.

We didn’t Art after first year, you remember, they kicked out unqualified teachers, it was Secondary Modern before big Comprehensive schools.
Then got Art O level in night school, remember, I did it parallel with the school. There used an excellent painter on the staff he was called “Patter” Gault, I qualified for the A stream, there not use teaching Art to Engineering pupils. You used nicknames in those days, we had maths teacher called “Big Mo” and Geography teacher called “Big All” none of names related thier real names and an English called “Zooney”.

You left school at 16, what did you do then.

First of all, I applied for Lab Technician in Schools, I worked about Greenock for a year, doing day release Watt College (the old one). My friend, Harry, used accompany me, nobody bothered.
I went to Langside College after that, and got Maths and Physics O levels and Higher English and Higher Technical Drawing. Then I moved Ried Kerr College in Paisley got Art, Physics Highers, tried to improve English and still got a C. Was when I asked Art Teacher “could apply to Art School”, he was delighted. I did painting, you know, I did ceramics then – it general course – I specialised painting and ceramics, I used potter’s wheel.
Then I applied to Glasgow School of Art